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Our Service Department is
Second to None

What we are especially proud of is our extremely quick turnaround time.  Usually in the heat of the season, repairs take just a few days. Many parts are in stock, but waiting for parts to arrive can add a few days. Try to bring your bike in a week before that big ride you knew about for the last 3 weeks, instead of at 6 o'clock the night before please. Some of our Service Packages availabe; Tune-ups, Complete Overhall, Wheel Repairs, Repack Bearings-- Here are some of the services we provide.

Tune-up includes:
• True and straighten both wheels
• Adjust front and rear hubs
• Adjust headset and bottom bracket
• Adjust derailleurs and gears for proper operation
• Level seat and straighten stem and handlebars
• Lubricate chain and other parts as needed
• Tighten brakes
• Fix and tighten anything else that can be fixed

Wheel Repairs:
• Wheel truing--straighten bent rims
• Replace broken spokes
• Custom wheel building
• Fix flat tires/replace tubes
• Replace tires

General Services:
• Clean and repack grease on hubs, bottom brackets (rotating shaft in between pedal arms), headset (steering)
• Replace these parts if needed -Install or fix chains, derailleurs, shifters, and all other drivetrain components.
• Replace handlebar grips or handlebar tape
• Install or repair all types of brakes, brake levers, cables, and all other brake system components
• Wide selection of saddles/seats available for installation
• Install racks and child carriers on rear of bike
• Install new forks, rigid and front suspension
• Upgrade springs on rear shocks for your ever increasing stature
• Install training wheels, training not included...

Complete Overhaul includes:
Everything mentioned in a tune up plus: -
• Overhauling all the bearings - hubs, headset, and bottom bracket
• Removing and cleaning the drive system
• Cables and housing can be replaced, and all parts can be cleaned

Overhauls are discussed on an individual basis, depending on what you want and what makes sense given the overall condition and value of the bike.

What ever is wrong with your bike we can fix it, just bring it in and we will be happy to give you a quote. We will get your bike in top mechanical condition. However some things we don't do are; bike painting or cosmetic restoration. Usually a small automotive paint shop is your best bet for a paint job.

Bike Fitting:
Looking for a new road bike and want to be sized? Uncomfortable on you current bike? Stop in and we fit you up. We use the methods pioneered by Peter White. Back in the age of custom lugged steel frames, Peter supplied the first custom high end steel frame to the prior owner of Chelmsford Cyclery. This frame is on display at the shop.. There are many factors to be considered in developing a satisfying fit. It is not a scientific process, as some may have you believe. Much of it is based on the individual needs of the customer; how they answer the questions asked, how flexible their bodies are, their body shape, and the proportions of the upper and lower body.. Two people with identical bodies could have substantially different sized bikes. Fitting time ranges from 30 minutes up to several hours. Cost is $50 and up, plus the cost of parts changed out. Sizing is free for new bikes purchased over $2500.
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Tel.: 978-256-1528

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