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4000sq. ft. of Showroom. Over 500 Bikes in Stock.
We have a large selection of bikes (Adult Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Comfort Bikes, Hybrid/Cross/Fitness Bikes, Road Bikes, Kids Bikes and BMX Bikes) for everyone, from 3 year olds up to people 6’8” tall. We are basically what many call a family bike shop, with lots of affordable bikes in stock ready to go. We also try to have a good selection of high end bikes for the connoisseur. Our Accessory brands include Thule and Allen car racks, Serfas Cloud 9, Avenier seats, Cateye computers and lights, Blackburn pumps, and many Bontrager items, among many other brands. We try to have something for all types of biking.
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Adult Bikes
There are 4 basic types of adult bikes: Hybrid/Cross/Fitness, Comfort, Mountain, and Road. These bikes are sold by frame size, not wheel size. The wheel size determines what type of bike it is. Many also come in female versions. You should decide where you want to ride the most, as in road or dirt, and in what conditions you want the bike to perform the best in. Hybrids are best on the road, but are tough enough for smoother dirt trails. Usually the hybrid will go on anything a car or foot traffic goes on.

Mountain Bikes
Best on dirt of course, but work fine on the road. Many people prefer their ruggedness and fewer flat tires for this purpose. They will be slightly slower on the road than a hybrid or road bike. We have all types of mountain bikes, from simple to fully suspended. Most will have a front shock. 29” wheeled bikes are a new category. They roll better over terrain and smooth out the bumps better. People seem to feel they have better ride quality but have slower handling. They have lower handlebars for better handling.

Comfort Bikes
Comfort bikes have the same basic wheel as a mountain bike, but are sold with a smoother tire, and typically a larger seat which has its own shock absorber in the seat post. These bikes are really meant for the road, but will go off road too. They will be fine in most conditions except loose dirt. They have higher handlebars for a more upright fit, and generally are the most comfortable bike sold. Their speed is just slightly less than a hybrid, but the fatter tire gives a smoother ride.

Hybrid/Cross/Fitness Bikes
Hybrids go by many names. They are what we consider a basic bike for today. Their tires are in between road and mountain in width and are good on the road and light off road. They are sold either for speed – no shocks and smaller seat, lower handlebars, or comfort – seatpost and front shocks with a larger seat and higher handlebars.

Road Bikes
Road bikes have the thinnest tires for the fastest speeds. Today most are aluminum framed with carbon frames on the higher priced models. They will have the lowest handlebars and smaller seats. The shifter is built into the brake lever so one never has to move ones hands off the bars. These will be the lightest fastest bikes sold. Cyclocross bikes are basically rugged road bikes with a slightly larger tire. Touring bikes will be more rugged, geared lower, and have mounting points for more racks.

Kids Bikes
Starting with the little ones: 12" coaster brake for 3 year olds, 16" for 4 to 5 year olds, and 20" for 5+, all with coaster brakes. 12” and 16” bikes come with training wheels.
Some 20” bikes also have a rear hand brake for them to get used to their future bikes. Next come 20" bikes with 6 or 7 speeds, and 24" bikes, mostly 21 speeds, which typically fit age 8+. 24” bikes are also available with single or 7 speeds. Kids bikes are typically referred to by wheel size, and not frame size.

BMX Bikes
Bmx/freestyle/park/jumping bikes. Almost all of them have 20" wheels, but also come with 16”, 18”, and 24” wheels for either very young or very tall riders. Haro, GT, Verde and Eastern are our best sellers. Many parents of older kids are surprised how small they are compared to how big their children are. The 20” wheeled Bmx bikes are used by the adult pros and are what you may have seen on TV and around town. This is the preferred size because of the better handling characteristics compared to a larger wheeled and therefore larger bike. Riders up to over 6’ tall enjoy 20” Bmx bikes. They never have a foot brake, and some have a Gyro to allow the handlebars to spin continuously.

So, come check us out, get ready and let's ride.

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