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Chelmsford Cyclery
Chelmsford Cyclery

Chelmsford Cyclery – Once upon a time (actually in 1974), Chelmsford Cyclery went into business. Over the years, it gradually became part of the community. I can’t tell you how many times people come up to me, my friends or my family and say:”oh, I remembered that store and I got my first bike there.”

Now, 31 years later, we are still doing what we are good at–great products, personalized services and we are still a neighborhood place at the corner where people can hang out and chat.So, welcome and come on in. idn poker

We are now 3 times bigger than we used to be, with over 4000sq. ft of showroom, over 200 bikes in stock. We carry most of the popular quality brands, such as Trek, Schwinn, GT, Mongoose, Redline, Fit.
We also carry a variety of bicycle accessories and outfits.
We have a full selection of bikes for everyone. idn poker 88

Starting with the little ones: 12″ coaster brake for 3 year olds, 16″ for 4 to 5 year olds, and 20″ for 5+, all with coaster brake.
Next comes 20″ bikes with 6 or 7 speeds, and 24″ bikes, usually 21 speeds. Also are BMX/FREESTYLE bikes, which are all 20″, and approximately the same frame size from model to model. Sizes refer to the wheel and not the frame size. This differs from adult sizing.
20″ is usually the largest size that will accept training wheels. If the child is too tall for a 20″ and has not been weaned from the training wheels, there maybe some 24″ available that accept training wheels.
There are 3 basic types of adult bikes: Hybrid/Cross, Mountain, and Road. Some people call “Road” touring bikes. So called comfort bikes are a subset of mountain bikes. You should decide where you want to ride the most, as in road or dirt, and in what conditions you want the bike to perform the best in. Hybrids are best on the road, but are tough enough for some dirt trails. Usually the hybrid will go on anything a car or foot traffic goes on. idnpoker

Mountain bikes are best in the dirt but will work fine on the road. Many people prefer their ruggedness and fewer flat tires for this purpose. They will be slightly slower on the road than a hybrid or road bike. We have all types of mountain bikes, from simple to fully suspended. bola88

Comfort bikes have the same basic wheel as a mountain bike, but are sold with a smoother tire, and typically a larger seat which has its own shock absorber in the seat post. These bikes are really meant for the road, but will go off road too. They will be fine in most conditions except loose dirt. bet88

So, come check us out, get ready and let’s ride.

Our service department is second to none.
What we are especially proud of is our extremely quick turnaround time. Usually in the heat of the season, repairs take just one or two days. Many parts are in stock, but waiting for parts to arrive can add a few days.
Try to bring your bike in a week before that big ride you knew about for the last 3 weeks, instead of at 6 o’clock the night before please.
Here are some of the services we provide:

Tune-ups, includes:
-True and straighten both wheels
-Adjust front and rear hubs
-Adjust headset and bottom bracket
-Adjust derailleurs and gears for proper operation
-Level seat and straighten stem and handlebars
-Lubricate chain and other parts as needed
-Tighten brakes
-Fix and tighten anything else that can be fixed

Complete Overhaul, includes:
Everything mentioned in a tune up plus:
-Overhauling all the bearings – hubs, headset, and bottom bracket
-Removing and cleaning the drive system
-Cables and housing can be replaced, and all parts can be cleaned also
Overhauls are discussed on an individual basis, depending on what you want and what makes sense given the overall condition and value of the bike.

Wheel Repairs, includes:
-Wheel truing—straighten bent rims
-Replace broken spokes
-Custom wheel building
-Fix flat tires/replace tubes
-Replace tires

Bearings, includes:
-Clean and repack grease on hubs, bottom brackets (rotating shaft in between pedal arms), headset (steering)
-Replace these parts if needed
-Install or fix chains, derailleurs, shifters, and all other drivetrain components.
-Replace handlebar grips or handlebar tape
-Install or repair all types of brakes, brake levers, cables, and all other brake system components
-Wide selection of saddles/seats available for installation
-Install racks and child carriers on rear of bike
-Install new forks, rigid and front suspension
-Upgrade springs on rear shocks for your ever increasing stature….
-Install training wheels, training not included… …

Basically, what ever is wrong with your bike we can fix, just bring it in and we will be happy to give you a quote.
Some things we don’t do are bike painting or cosmetic restoration, we will get your bike in top mechanical condition, but we are not a paint shop. Usually small automotive paint shop is your best bet for a paint job that won’t flake off in the first two weeks.

Our Team
Our team is always knowledgeable, friendly and ready to help……
Come on in and meet with some of our “bicycle professionals”.
Over the years, people come and go….but you’ll be surprised….so many of us kept in touch…we cared about each other and we had fun….

Malcolm:the “owner”
Ok, the owner polite, soft-spoken, and having a wealth of knowledge on bicycles as well, he’s been in this business for over ten years. A trained engineer with critical attention to details, Malcolm will be your personal bicycle consultant for years to come.
Oh, by-the-way, it won’t take long before you find out how “funny” he is–his jokes and sense of humor is a bonus, enjoy!

ay:the “great mechanic”
Jay’s been here for over 6 years by now, he’s such a good mechanic funny story–on his first day with us, we asked him to do one of the most difficult service projects (called overhaul), he actually finished it in four hours now you know how good he is!

Brian:the “best sales guy”
Brian is only 18 new here too. But, he’s such a great sales person (or maybe he’ll be the next “apprentice”). Ever since this spring, he sold so many bikes anyway, he’s on his way.

Shawn:the “tallest”
Oh well at Chelmsford Cyclery, we don’t necessary measure success on “sales and revenue”, sometimes, we measure by “height” when that happens, Shawn definitely wins–he’s about 6’2 well passed Brian (maybe 6 feet).

Todd:the “veteran”
Todd is a typical “Chelmsford Cyclery Graduate”–he worked here part-time for the past 7 years learned the in and out of our business. He knows the drill.

Mike:the “new comer”
Mike is such a good kid he is new though–just started this spring. But he’s so good at his hands and full of enthusiasm the next generation, I guess.

Contact Us
Winter: (November 1-April 1):
Monday-Friday: 10AM–4PM
Saturday: 10AM–5PM
Sunday: 12noon–4PM

Summer: (April 2-Oct. 31):
Monday-Friday: 10AM–7PM
Saturday: 10AM–6PM
Sunday: 12noon–4PM

After years of successful operation at 7 Summer Street, we moved to a more convenient location:

30 Chelmsford Street, downtown Chelmsford, right on Route 110, across the street from Papa Gino’s and CVS.